Are Liver Transplant Procedures Covered By Medicare?

Yes, liver transplants along with other similar organ transplants which are medically essential will be covered by your Medicare policy. Transplant procedures conducted at the facilities certified by Medicare will be covered by your Part A Medicare, whereas doctors services which are associated with transplants will be covered by your Part B Medicare.

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Costs of Transplant:


People with Traditional Medicare alone will be required to pay the rest of the 20% amount approved by Medicare for doctor’s services.


People who haven’t yet paid their entire deductible for Part A need to pay the amount before their hospital expenses are covered by Medicare. Part B Medicare deductible will also be applicable. Thus, you need to pay for that as well prior to drawing your Medicare benefits for health care services associated with transplant procedures.


Besides the charges mentioned above, you’ll be paying a variety of costs to cover your transplant facility expenses. The good news is that Medicare-approved lab tests can also be covered under your Original Medicare plan.


Minimize your costs with Medicare Supplement Plans:


If you are considering a liver transplant or might require one after some time, you can save some cash on health care expenses by enrolling yourself in a Medicare Supplemental coverage, also known as a Medigap coverage. These plans intend to fill in some of the gaps present within your Original Medicare in regards to transplants. As a result, you end up paying less out of your own pocket when covering your liver transplant procedure.


Some Medigap plans might be able to cover the entire costs of your transplant. These include Medicare Part A deductibles, Medicare Part B deductibles, copayments, as well as coinsurances.


In a number of states, you can find ten standardized Supplement plans. They can help the enrollee pay most or entire copayments & coinsurances related to Part A & B Medicare. Also, each of the available plans except Medicare Supplement Plan A covers Part A deductible of your Original Medicare. Other Medigap plans like Medigap Plan F and C can help cover Part B deductibles of your Original Medicare.


What Additional Types of Transplant Procedures Will Be Covered by My Medicare Policy?


Along with liver transplants, your Original Medicare can also help you cover the following organ transplant procedures:








Besides, your Basic Medicare Policy will also cover pre- as well as post-operative health care services, which may include any tests, medications essential prior to the surgery, in addition to the acquisition of organs & follow-ups.

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