Medigap Plan N: When Should You Consider it?

Medicare Supplemental Plan N is considered as a standardized Medigap coverage. This means it offers benefits which stay the same irrespective of the carrier you decide to choose. Medicare Supplemental Plan N covers your entire Part B Medicare coinsurance expenses. The only exception is that it needs up to $50 co-payment when it comes to emergency room visits & $20 co-payment for office trips.


Benefits offered by Medicare Supplemental Plan N:


Medicare Part A hospital coinsurance & expenses covered up to 1 year after your Basic Medicare benefits are exhausted

Part A deductibles & coinsurance/copayment for hospice care

Part B Medicare coinsurance for preventive care

Part B Medicare coinsurance expenses (with the only exception being emergency room & office visits)

Coinsurance for SNF or skilled nursing facility

First 3 blood pints used during treatment


Important Note:


Plan N won’t be covering Part B Medicare excess charges & Part B deductible. As a result, you will have to pay for these out of your pocket.


Medigap Plan N benefits are identical to those of Medigap Plan D. The only exception is how both these plans pay for Part B Medicare coinsurance. When you consider Plan N, your entire coinsurance for Medicare is covered, the exception being up-to $50 co-payment for emergency visits & up-to $20 co-payment for a visit to the office. Both these will be totally covered within Plan D Medigap coverage, which makes it an attractive option for people who have to make frequent co-payments for their emergency room or doctor visits.


Other Medicare Supplement Plans vs Medigap Plan N


Just like any other Medigap coverage, the costs related to Plan N are likely to vary from one carrier to another. How a specific insurance agency “rates” the premiums of this plan determines the amount a person will be required to pay in order to obtain their chosen policy. Plan N Supplemental coverage might interest people who are seeking a broader plan. You won’t see it among the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plans. Thus, it would be wise for you to examine the benefits offered by each of the Supplement plans so as to locate one which works best for you.

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